Foundation Studies & Languages

Set yourself up with solid foundations to pathway into University

Foundation Studies – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM subjects)

With the School of Foundation Studies, we aim to build students’ fluency, independence and range in language, literacy and numeracy so that they can use these skills to participate effectively in all aspects of their lives, be it further education or employment. Students with little or no academic frame of reference and a lack of familiarity with academic practice will be equipped for entry into undergraduate degree or diploma programmes, in areas such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics with NZSE or other providers. 


School of Language

You learn English best by speaking it. This programme offers practical learning and language retention in exciting and stimulating educational experiences. Field trips to Marae, forests and the beach, will help you improve your English, while exploring culture, lifestyle and leisure. 

When you enrol in our English programme you also have access to our online learning platform, Vital English, interactive courses applied to real life situations. 


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