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We are proud to produce successful graduates in a range of fields by providing care and support in all aspects. Check out their stories below.

The whānau at NZSE College provide all the care and tautoko you need to succeed in your educational, career and life journey.

With qualifications in Early Childhood Education, Health and Wellbeing, IT and Business Technologies, Security, ATC Military Prep and more, we are confident that we can help you succeed in your journey, no matter where you are coming from or where you are going.
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“Joining the NZDF was my dream. The staff were loving and really, really, cared about my progress and would always check up on me. I got to where I am because of them.”

Grace Kelly
Ordinary Marine Technician (New Zealand Royal Navy)
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“I’ve been interested in tech since I was 10, and thanks to the help and support of NZSE, I rediscovered my passion for it and now have my own PC repair shop.”

Myles Foster
Tech Business Owner
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“I am now on my way to reaching my goal as a nurse. I am so thankful to NZSE, the place I call home, for the wonderful learning experiences and encouragement to never give up.”

Lesona Seuluga
Heath and Wellbeing Graduate
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“I feel like ATC did save me in a way because it provided a new path for me and now being back as a tutor, I can help students see that better things are coming for them as well”

Daumavia Herewini
ATC Military Prep Tutor
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