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Seven months on, how NZSE College students dealt with Covid-19

Seven months on, we decided to sit down and chat with NZSE College students who were studying during the Covid-19 lockdown and discuss how the unprecedented situation affected them, their studies and how NZSE College helped them. Here’s what they had to say.

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Brijesh Sethi talks about the impacts of Covid-19 on New Zealand's education system

Founder of NZSEG, Brijesh Sethi speaks about the impacts Covid-19 has had on New Zealand’s education sector, the challenges that NZSEG has faced and how the education system will move forward post Covid-19.

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NZSE College Covid-19 Scholarships

NZSE College launches Scholarships across their programmes for those who’ve been affected by redundancy during the Covid-19 lockdown.

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Student Support go above and beyond amid lockdown

Student Support team provided incredible support to students during the lockdown

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Positive results from online learning at NZSE College

Business student’s attendance increases and feedback for online learning was positive amid lockdown.

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