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Brijesh Sethi talks about the impacts of Covid-19 on New Zealand's education system

June 9, 2020

Dev Nadkarni – editor of Indian Weekender talks to New Zealand Skills & Education Group Founder, Brijesh Sethi about the impacts Covid-19 has had on New Zealand’s Tertiary education sector, the challenges that NZSEG has faced and how the education system will move forward post Covid-19.

NZSEG comprises of two top quality tertiary institutions, New Zealand School of Education (NZSE College) and Seafield School of English. Brijesh believes NZSEG has survived by being agile and flexible in its approach to switching to online delivery during Covid-19 whilst upholding solid processes and strong networks.

Brijesh mentioned that the move to online delivery and international border closures were among some of the biggest challenges NZSEG faced during Covid-19.

“The international education sector has been affected quite drastically due to border closures, we had on-shore international students but many of them chose to discontinue their studies due to the unprecedented situation.” – Brijesh Sethi.

For our domestic market, online delivery was the biggest challenge as most institutes delivered in traditional ways. Student Support and teachers had to quickly adapt and find new ways to support students as well as keep them engaged.

The Government agencies have done an exceptional job in providing resources and support, which Brijesh believes has helped the education sector stay afloat.

When asked what the future of education post-lockdown looks like, Brijesh says.

“I think things will be a lot different post-Covid, a lot has changed in the way we work and study. There will be more online/blended learning options available to students as we move forward, giving us an opportunity to let go of older traditional processes.”

Watch the full interview below:

Make sure to check out the Indian Weekender, a community centric website that caters to the Indian diaspora based in New Zealand.

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