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NZSE College launches its first Bachelor's Degree and Graduate Diplomas

August 16, 2022

After many years of input and consultation with industry and community, New Zealand Skills and Education College has achieved one of the organisation's biggest milestones to date – the approval of its very first degree and graduate diplomas.  

NZSE College is thrilled, honoured and proud to announce the launch of our first Bachelor of Business Information Management L7 (BBIM) with majors in Business Information Systems, Integrated Marketing Communications, Data Analytics, or unendorsed; and three graduate diplomas in Business Information Systems, Integrated Marketing Communications and Data Analytics.

After almost two decades of transforming lives through the power of learning in the foundation and vocational space, NZSE College will enter the Higher Education sector with the delivery of this degree and graduate programmes starting in 2023.

“This is one of the biggest milestones for NZSE College and this puts us in one section - Higher Education. A new journey will now begin” – Brijesh Sethi, Founder & Chair

With the acceleration of digital transformation, a surge of industry demand has followed in the areas of IT and Business Technologies and the need for businesses to adopt a more comprehensive approach to decision-making and problem-solving through the full integration of systems, data, marketing, and communications.

Recognising this demand and to equip our future generations of learners with industry ready skills, NZSE College’s academic team have worked tirelessly to see the BBIM and Graduate Diplomas come to fruition and cement their position as the only Tertiary Training Organisation (TEO) in Aotearoa delivering this programme. These programmes will not only equip our learners with the skills and knowledge to confidently enter the workforce but expand their employment opportunities both locally and globally.

The BBIM will be an internationally recognised qualification with provisional accreditation of the Seoul Accord from IT Professionals NZ (ITP NZ) for the Data Analytics and Business Information Systems majors in this degree programme.

“"It has been quite a journey! With this accreditation and approval, all I can say: it was all worth it! Thank you everyone for the amazing support that led to this milestone.” - Karla Malihan, Head of IT & Business Tech School

A big thank you to our Academic Director Mary Waugh for leading this kōrero with NZQA and the NZSE college team, we appreciate all the incredible work you have done. 

Congratulations and thank you to everyone involved throughout the years to make this achievement possible, we look forward to the exciting journey ahead.

“Words fail to express my happiness and excitement about this amazing news. We look forward to welcoming both domestic and international students to these new programmes, and celebrating their progress and success.” – Wendy Liao, CEO

Find out more about our BBIM and Graduate Diplomas here.

Every year, ATC holds an annual competition where all students from our three campuses: Manukau, Waikato, and Waitakere, come together to compete for the top honours within ATC.

The ATC Terminator Challenge is designed to be fun and exciting, whilst also testing the physical, mental, and strategic potential of our students to achieve success as a team. It has been two long years on hold, but the challenge makes its 2022 comeback with drill and circuit challenges, endurance sports, team work strategy, tug-of-war and so much more.

This year we will hold our ATC Terminator Event on Thursday 27th October 2022 at:

  • Parade and drill competition: Shadbolt Park - Suburbs Rugby Club, 130 Portage Rd, New Lynn,
  • Terminator physical challenge: Motu Moana Scout Camp, 140 Connaught St, Blockhouse Bay

You are invited!

A terminator challenge is an event the whole family can enjoy.
Bring your whanau, tell your neighbour, iwi, communities. Share it on social media!
Support one another, celebrate victories, and connect with friends on this day of exciting challenges.

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