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NZSE College supporting the future of our Pasifika learners and communities

March 10, 2022

For almost two decades, NZSE College has been living their vision of transforming lives through the power of learning for people of all cultures and backgrounds.

NZSE College’s commitment to finding new ways to collaborate with our communities, support diversity, and deliver a high level of tailored support have helped create successful outcomes for our Pasifika learners and employees.

NZSE College’s Founder and Chair Brijesh Sethi comments,

“Diversity and inclusion have always been at the heart of NZSE which is reflected in the diverse cultural makeup of our students and staff. We have a strong focus on continuing and improving support for our Māori and Pasifika communities in 2022”

Earlier this year, with the devastating news of the recent volcanic eruption and tsunami in Tonga, NZSE College looked at ways to provide additional support for our Tongan community during this time of crisis. As the world rushed to provide urgent aid to this beautiful country, we look to how we can help rebuild their future.

Frazer Mataitonga, one of our Security Tutors was born and raised in Tonga and has dedicated his life to helping our Tongan communities through founding the Akanesi Mataitonga Trust. Over the weekend Frazer completed a 24-hour walkathon to raise money with the goal of completely funding all year 12 and 13 students so they can graduate high school without any setbacks.

Frazer comments,

“It’s one of the best things and feelings to support someone through education, I just want to rebuild the economy for Tonga and get these kids back into school.”

Within 24hours, Frazer visited a total of 58 schools across the North Shore and so far, has raised just over $11,000. Frazer was extremely grateful and humbled by the generosity and support he received,

“Thanks to everyone who has donated, shared, walked with me, and helped us through this journey. I’m so grateful for the support.”

Frazer is halfway to achieving his goal l and with a few more weeks until the fundraiser ends, he is hopeful he can get there with all our support to make sure no student misses out,

"I ask those who are still out there, please help. Let's help these students in Tonga get back into education because education is power.”

For NZSE College, education is the foundation on which we build our future, and we are right behind promoting and supporting this great initiative to help students in Tonga achieve their learning goals and start a new chapter in their life journey.

Mr Sethi comments,

“Education accessibility is top priority for me personally. Congratulations to Frazer for all your selfless and dedicated work making education accessible for young students in Tonga. We are honoured to have someone so committed to seeing positive futures for our rangatahi on our team.”

We encourage you to do what you can to help build a prosperous future for this incredible country and culture that so many call home.

“The more help we can get the better, for the kids in Tonga, mālō.”

- Frazer Mataitonga

You can donate to https://lnkd.in/gTF5r7jf.

Donations close on 31/03/2022

Every year, ATC holds an annual competition where all students from our three campuses: Manukau, Waikato, and Waitakere, come together to compete for the top honours within ATC.

The ATC Terminator Challenge is designed to be fun and exciting, whilst also testing the physical, mental, and strategic potential of our students to achieve success as a team. It has been two long years on hold, but the challenge makes its 2022 comeback with drill and circuit challenges, endurance sports, team work strategy, tug-of-war and so much more.

This year we will hold our ATC Terminator Event on Thursday 27th October 2022 at:

  • Parade and drill competition: Shadbolt Park - Suburbs Rugby Club, 130 Portage Rd, New Lynn,
  • Terminator physical challenge: Motu Moana Scout Camp, 140 Connaught St, Blockhouse Bay

You are invited!

A terminator challenge is an event the whole family can enjoy.
Bring your whanau, tell your neighbour, iwi, communities. Share it on social media!
Support one another, celebrate victories, and connect with friends on this day of exciting challenges.

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