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NZSE College’s ATC Terminator Event of 2022 Brings Smiles to the Community Once Again!

November 3, 2022

This October 27th saw the return of the much-anticipated ATC Terminator Challenge of 2022!

It has been two years since New Zealand Skills and Education College gathered its ATC Military Prep students and all their extended whanau for an action-packed day full of challenges, laughs, korero and kai, prize-winning and more.

ATC Military Prep programme at NZSE College isn’t just a career pathway, it is a much-valued asset to the community with many students across the region – from Manakau to Hamilton, and New Lynn - applying each year.

Even some of our current ATC tutors progressed through ATC pathways as youth and, as a result, they see a lot of themselves in the students and that is what makes this day so special.

With “transforming lives through the power of learning” sitting at the core of all NZSE College programmes, including ATC’s military prep, uniformed services and security pathways, one tutor, Daumavia Herewini explains,

“I definitely see a lot of aspects of my younger self in these students and I believe that is why I can connect with them very well and create a good bond with them.
“It wasn't too long ago that I was fighting similar battles they may be facing now and, because of that, I am able to relate to them and give them some advice from my experiences.”

Daumavia, who recognises what ATC pathways mean to the community, commends the schools efforts to connect the students to their inner whakapono. She continues,

“Besides the career aspect, we try and make ATC like a second home for the students where we try to create a tight family-like bond.
“the students feel safe, and important and feel like they are going places - a home away from home where they are able to reach out for a helping hand when they need.”

Extending across Blockhouse Bay and New Lynn, the Manakau, Hamilton, and New Lynn rangatahi participated in a series of challenges. From start to finish, the students undertook:

- drill competitions
- haka
- long-distance running
- water sports
- against-the-clock strategic-thinking tests
- fitness endurance and strength tasks

The day kicked off at 9 AM sharp after the students rose early to practice their formalities, drills and haka ahead of the big day. The 9 AM drill competition was observed by an ex-military and ex-navy judges panel: Mike Nugent, Nicholas MacCauley and James Minota. 

The judges said,

“we are looking for discipline... not only that but what happens when they make an error; do they continue? Or do they let it phase them?
“Team discipline is what makes or breaks a team. It just takes one member to throw the balance off. These are the things that mark a suitable candidate. These are the types of questions we have got to ask sitting here today on this panel.”

After lunch, the crew moved to Blockhouse Bay where the rest of the day's challenges were timed against the clock, testing agility, fitness, strength, and mental stamina. 

Finally, by 3 PM, the results were counted, scored and triple-checked; the winners of 2022 are:

- New Lynn won the best drill for their fantastic efforts during the morning parade
- Manakau won the best all-around performance, making them the overall Terminator Champions of 2022!

Hamilton was runner-up to be titled Terminator Champions of 2022, and the score across all three groups was reportedly a ‘very close call’.

Blessed with sunshine and a gentle breeze throughout the day, the NZSE College whanau rounded the day off with some cooked kai, a meal much welcomed by all students and staff who made this day so special.

Who's ready for Terminator 2023? See you next year!

For more information regarding ATC and whether it is something you, or someone you know, could be interested in, please check out our website: ATC Military Prep

Every year, ATC holds an annual competition where all students from our three campuses: Manukau, Waikato, and Waitakere, come together to compete for the top honours within ATC.

The ATC Terminator Challenge is designed to be fun and exciting, whilst also testing the physical, mental, and strategic potential of our students to achieve success as a team. It has been two long years on hold, but the challenge makes its 2022 comeback with drill and circuit challenges, endurance sports, team work strategy, tug-of-war and so much more.

This year we will hold our ATC Terminator Event on Thursday 27th October 2022 at:

  • Parade and drill competition: Shadbolt Park - Suburbs Rugby Club, 130 Portage Rd, New Lynn,
  • Terminator physical challenge: Motu Moana Scout Camp, 140 Connaught St, Blockhouse Bay

You are invited!

A terminator challenge is an event the whole family can enjoy.
Bring your whanau, tell your neighbour, iwi, communities. Share it on social media!
Support one another, celebrate victories, and connect with friends on this day of exciting challenges.

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