22 Feb 2019 - Positive results from online learning at NZSE College

February 22, 2019

The team at NZSE College were well prepared when it came to online delivery and teaching processes before the nationwide lockdown was announced, with majority of the communication and online delivery already mapped out beforehand. 

“I was very confident in my team; we had procedures in place and knew that online learning would be paramount during the lockdown. We realised some students would face challenges such as technical/device issues, language barriers and other commitments outside of school. So, we had to ensure we had all areas covered and students learning wasn’t disrupted.” Angela Li - Head of School, Business.

Online delivery was well accepted by students and saw an increase in attendance and communication across programmes. Tutors extended content across a range of platforms such as, social media, Microsoft Teams and the learning system, Canvas.

“Teaching processes have become very transparent and having teaching materials only clicks away, we were able to assist and support students easier. Also, our student support team are also fluent in different languages so this helps enormously. Having our team well-prepared made the transition to online learning a lot easier than anticipated, our students were able to continue their studies with minimal disruption and that is what was most important for us.” Angela Li - Head of School, Business

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