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Welcoming Our New Team Member Joining NZSEG Academic Team for Leading Research and Operations

March 17, 2023

We are thrilled to welcome and introduce you to our new Group Academic Director (Research and Operations) for NZSEG, Dr Neel Pandey.

Dr Pandey is an influential, ambitious and highly qualified Executive Leader and an Engineer with experience in Research and Development, Professional Engineering, Education Management and Strategic Leadership roles.

His research interest is in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision, Computer Vision and Embedded Systems. Dr Pandey was tutoring when undertaking his Masters and found that imparting knowledge to his students and seeing them succeed was fulfilling. When given the opportunity to work in academia, he grabbed it with both arms. 

“After nearly 22 years working in the ITP sector, NZSEG has provided a great opportunity for me to step into a PTE role,” Pandey says. “What attracted me to NZSEG was its strategic overview of delivering student-centred programmes, meeting industry and our community’s needs.”

Dr Pandey has a passion for cultivating and fostering lasting relationships based on foundations of achieving excellence, growth and development in partnership with local industries. He is especially interested in removing obstacles for students of any cultural, ethnic or educational background who wish to study.

For the past 20 years, NZSEG has been consistently investing in quality programme development with a focus on skillsets needed by industries. We create study options for our students to boost their employability, and we provide pathways to their desired careers. Ongoing research to identify in-demand knowledge and future-proof skillsets can benefit our organisation; we can better design, develop and deliver programmes that make our students the best in the field. This objective aligns with Dr Pandey’s philosophy of empowering learners with industry backed programmes. 

He says, “With my experience in the vocational education sector, I would like to provide the governance and management to create a diverse, exciting and innovative learning environment within our programmes to take our learners’ journeys to the next level in their careers.”

Dr Pandey will be leading our team in pursuits of research to develop our tutors and improve the education NZSEG provides. We encourage and support our academic staff in actively taking approaches to work with industries, identifying research gaps and presenting new findings to be further explored. We cannot wait to see what our academic staff unearths.

Every year, ATC holds an annual competition where all students from our three campuses: Manukau, Waikato, and Waitakere, come together to compete for the top honours within ATC.

The ATC Terminator Challenge is designed to be fun and exciting, whilst also testing the physical, mental, and strategic potential of our students to achieve success as a team. It has been two long years on hold, but the challenge makes its 2022 comeback with drill and circuit challenges, endurance sports, team work strategy, tug-of-war and so much more.

This year we will hold our ATC Terminator Event on Thursday 27th October 2022 at:

  • Parade and drill competition: Shadbolt Park - Suburbs Rugby Club, 130 Portage Rd, New Lynn,
  • Terminator physical challenge: Motu Moana Scout Camp, 140 Connaught St, Blockhouse Bay

You are invited!

A terminator challenge is an event the whole family can enjoy.
Bring your whanau, tell your neighbour, iwi, communities. Share it on social media!
Support one another, celebrate victories, and connect with friends on this day of exciting challenges.

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