New Zealand Certificate in Foundation Skills Level 3

New Zealand Certificate in Foundation Skills Level 3

  • Duration: 17 Weeks
  • Credits: 60
  • Campus: New Lynn, Manukau

This Certificate provides students with a six-month programme of study in academic skills. These focus on introducing students to the requirements of academic study at a tertiary level. It aims to produce graduates who are capable of undertaking academic studies in the field of their choice.

This programme will use topics of interest in a project based context to develop core communication, problem solving and decision making skills. It will prepare learners to use digital technology and appropriate media to identify and apply knowledge. Students will develop short, medium and long term goals, develop study and personal strategies to achieve goals within the context of your career pathway. It will provide a pathway to further study at Level 4 or to employment. As part of a project based context, you will be expected to work independently as well as in groups and apply knowledge obtained from a variety of specialised sources relevant to your chosen career pathway. 

Key Highlights

• Develop communication, problem solving and decision making skills
• Become comfortable with the use of digital technology for academic purposes
• Develop Goal setting and study strategies


Domestic Students
• Open Entry to students who are 16 years of age or older.
• Must have left Secondary School at least 6 months prior to applying

International Students
• IELTS Academic score of 5.5 or equivalent with no
band less than 5.0 or equivalent.

Please contact us at to request more information or details about entry requirements.

60 credits with 4 papers

Upon completion of the programme, students can pathway into further studies such as:

• Certificate in Preparation for University Study L4


• Other higher studies programmes at NZSE


SCP3001 – Self, Study and Career Pathways.
• Identify personal goals and write a plan on how the personal goals will be achieved (short, medium and long)
• Study the importance of water – for consumption, personal use, spirituality, global use and its relevance to Māori.
• Write a summary and present findings using poster board, models/oral presentations.

SCO3002 - Community Event Management.
• Investigate types of businesses, charities and communities in New Zealand. Write an essay about types of businesses and
charities in New Zealand.
• Work in groups to promote an event and to create a business plan.
• Implement the event for a chosen charity. Present your event as a group presentation.

SCP3003 – Pathway Investigation.
• Identify two related topics from a chosen pathway and demonstrate an understanding of the chosen topic with
statistical data and prepare an oral presentation and written report about the topic using digital technologies.

SCP3004 – Mathematical Problem Solving.
• Solve mathematical problems using percentage, fractions and decimals/conversions, ratios, volume and measurement.
• Convert from one scale to another.
• Display and interpret statistics and display data graphically in a range of charts.


ZERO-FEE FOR 16-19 or $2,590 





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