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Schools and Community

Not all secondary school students know about STAR and Gateway, so if you are Year 11 to Year 13 these programmes are designed for students with industry focus, this will help students look at what career path they are looking at when they leave school or going onto further studies.

NZSE College and the community

We liaise with many community groups around the country whether it’s Maori or Pasifika, we don’t just cater for the youth we also have a strong adult presence who are up-skilling to further their knowledge which they didn’t have when they were young. Our industry partners are important as they allow our students for work experience before they graduate.

School Visits

We are happy to visit schools around the region whether for Careers Days/Evenings to having a talk to your students.

School Posters

Download our school posters and showcase what we can offer to your students.
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About STAR and Gateway

Our STAR and Gateway courses are aimed to meet the needs of New Zealand’s youth in an environment that is challenging and rewarding. Our aims are aligned with supporting people to flourish through education, support and learning experiences. Find out more by visiting our STAR and Gateway page, here.
A Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource (STAR) course introduces secondary school students to training for a specific career or study at tertiary level. STAR courses are short and are only available through polytechnics and private training organisations. Students participate in short-term courses or ‘taster courses’ for a few days at a time, or one day per week for several weeks; and longer-term courses leading into Gateway.

Gateway offers longer term programmes which lead to industry unit standard qualifications. Gateway is a course tailored for secondary school students and is structured around work-based learning, allowing them to learn and work while still at school or experience what they will do in a work place.
• A minimum of 15 students is required for the courses to go ahead
• All courses are delivered at the campuses advertised
• All credits will be reported by NZSE
• Students to bring their own packed lunch
• On the last day of the course students will be provided lunch
• FREE t-shirts for students to wear in class
• Role call will be conducted every morning
• NZSE must be advised if a student is away
• Cancellation of students must be within 2 weeks of course commencing
• STAR certificates will be sent to the school once all the work is marked
• There is a 10 day turn around for marking at the completion of the course
• MOU will be sent to the schools to register your students for the course

Scheduling - How to schedule STAR Gateway with you

If you are interested in our Gateway/STAR programmes you will need to talk to your schools Careers or Gateway coordinator.

Willie Toelau

School and Community Relations Manager | STAR & Gateway coordinator

Talofa! Building strong relationships with Career Advisors, schools and communities has been my focus for over a decade. I have a passion for people and want to see our young learners succeed in life and find themselves in positive, agile careers.

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