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Learn Information Technology (IT) at NZSE College - Auckland Campus. Free IT Courses - Certificate to Diploma. Networking and Cloud Computing, Software Development,  IT Tech Support, IT Essentials.

New Zealand Skills and Education College


Short, stackable courses
Flexible, Online delivery
Industry driven & NZQA accredited

Micro-credentials – Fully online & industry-driven.

Micro-credentials certify you have a coherent set of skills and knowledge within a specific field. Ideal for working professionals, students, and graduates, micro-credentials are not only NZQA approved but highly industry driven as their learning outcomes are based on filling real industry skills gaps. NZSE College’s micro-credentials are fully facilitated online, offering you the flexibility you need to study as you work.

Successfully gaining a micro-credential demonstrates mastery of a particular set of skills that can be applied immediately into your workplace, setting you apart from other employees and making you more desirable to employers. Micro-credentials are stackable, allowing you to work towards gaining a higher qualification and advance your career that one step further.

Boost your career with micro-credentials today and join the future of learning.

IT Micro-credentials


Cybersecurity for Information Technology Operations (Level 4)

Gain the technical and theoretical knowledge in cybersecurity specifically focusing on bridging the gap between improving baseline security readiness and incident response.
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Hear from employers in the IT industry

Our Employer Series videos provide you with insights and tip on getting started in your chosen career path. In this video, Andy from Wireless Nation shares his advice on how to navigate a career at an ISP, including industry insights and what skills you should bring to the table.

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