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Alumni & Success Stories

Karen Fue

Healthcare Assistant - Auckland City Hospital
What programme did you complete at NZSE College?
NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Level 3)
What were you doing before you started your studies at NZSE College?
I started looking after my parents, so I had passion to look after the elderly. Once Covid came, it was quite hard to find a job within rest homes in my area.
What is your current role?
I am Healthcare Assistant in the Sleep Lab, which is where patients come in for sleep monitoring due to things such as sleep apnoea. I set up the room and equipment each morning for the next set of patients that come in the evening. I also work in the Gastro department, where I have more contact with patients. I take their blood pressure, help with removing equipment when they are finished with their operation and wheel them in and out of the theatre rooms.
Were these skills helpful in gaining you your current role?
Learning about different things to look out for, with regards to elderly and other patients. For example, symptoms of a stroke, knowing what to do with a patient that has diabetes, things like that. The programme also helped build my confidence, you meet new people and your tutors are really helpful and patient.
Did the Career Services at NZSE College help you in gaining your current role?
David, the Career Services Manager at NZSE College, put up a post about a job at the Auckland City Hospital and if anyone was interested, would be able to help. I forwarded my CV to him and he helped me adjust it and helped me with the cover letter. He helped me prepare for the interview, with body language and other tips, which really helped. I sent it through and next thing I know I got the interview and then the job.
Did you receive any other support from staff or tutors during your studies?
The tutors are really helpful and patient, especially if you don’t understand things such as the course outlines, the tutors explain it to you and help you and if you get stuck, you’ve got a whole team to support you.
What would be your top tips to others who are about to graduate from NZSE College and will be looking for work?
Give it your all and go for the role you want to work in. Even if you don’t think you will get the interview, apply and you never know, you could get the job.
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