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Alumni & Success Stories

Paris Shum-Kuen-Ip

Loss Prevention Officer - The Warehouse NZ

Paris, a graduate of our Security and IT schools, is a loss prevention officer at the Warehouse NZ. After studying our NZ Certificate in Security (Level 3) she progressed into studying NZ Certificate in IT Essentials (Level 4).

After graduating our Security programme, she landed a job at Red Badge and although that was great, she knew she could do more. Paris was interested in the world of I.T. as she explains,

“I knew that getting a good grounding in I.T would be beneficial both personally and job and career-wise.”

Keen to broaden her options, make new friends, and upskilling an in-demand industry, Paris approached the Student and Career support at NZSE who presented her options and made her realise that taking on more was achievable.  

“I re-enrolled at NZSE College for the IT programme to give me an employability edge. I’ve been really amazed at just how much I use what I’ve learned from my IT course – it’s been awesome, and the tutors were really supportive and helpful.”

Paris attributes a lot of her success to the support she got from her tutors and NZSE staff both academically and personally.

“They certainly pushed us, for sure but, that only made us want to achieve more, for ourselves and, in many ways, for them too. Their support really gets you over the line. I’ve not experienced that kind of dedication before, and I think it’s just part of how NZSE College does it.”

When asked what her favourite thing about her current role she replies,

“Discounts! Ha! No, in all seriousness I’ve really enjoyed learning how to communicate with customers and build relationships with the wider team and Managers. When I’m “on-the-floor” I have to think quickly and analyse information that’s coming my way all the time. There’s a lot happening, and you have to be aware of it all. There are also many Council Regulations and Government Acts in regards to the security industry and you need to keep up-to-date with what’s going and how any changes might impact your role. I find all of this really interesting and can see more career opportunities the more I Iearn.”

In addition, fees-free was able to help Paris out and was one of the main reasons Paris came back to study I.T. Paris explains,

“It gave me the resources I needed to study and succeed. Security was fees-free because I was the right age and the course provided everything I needed from uniforms to stationary and more if I needed it.”
“The Security course is excellent and there are plenty of jobs out there for those who’ve done the mahi and want to be committed professionals in the industry. My IT course was also great. At work and at home it’s made me more confident with technology – I’d recommend it to anyone.”
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