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Alumni & Success Stories

Priya Singh

ECE Reliever - Multiple Agencies
What programme did you complete at NZSE College?
NZ Certificate in Early Childhood Education (Level 4)
What were you doing before you started your studies at NZSE College?
Before I studied at NZSE College, I was working in a retail role for five years and studied tourism.
What is your current role?
My current role is Reliever for three agencies. My key responsibilities include, helping the centres in various capacities, such as covering shifts, helping other staff in completing their work, and most importantly, looking after the children at the centres. I love seeing the smiles on the childrens’ faces and hearing their stories.
What were some of the skills you learnt during your studies at NZSE College?
I gained a lot of knowledge and even soft skills during my studies. Time management was a big one. Learning how to handle children, how to teach them, how to communicate with them, their families and other staff was also key in reaching success in my role.
Were these skills helpful in gaining you your current role?
The knowledge and skills I gained during my studies at NZSE College help me succeed in my role every day. Communication, time management and the knowledge from each of the courses in the programme, I am able to apply to my role.
Did the Career Services at NZSE College help you in gaining your current role?
David from the Career Services team was very helpful. He helped me with CV and even helped set up communications with the agency I work for.
Did you receive any other support from staff or tutors during your studies?
The tutors were very helpful, and considering that it was done online, it says a lot about how effective the support and teaching was that led to me following my career path after the programme.
What would be your top tips to others who are looking to study or work?
I recommend that others come to study at NZSE College. They have very helpful staff, teachers and career staff. My study was very high quality and the online option was very helpful. I think if you study here, you will succeed with your qualification and be able to get a job 100%!
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