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Alumni & Success Stories

Thanusiya Vijayarajan

Service Desk Analyst - Fujitsu NZ
What programme did you complete at NZSE College?
NZ Diploma in Networking (Level 6)
What were you doing before you started your studies at NZSE College?
I was doing online courses such as NZ certification in IT Essentials. These courses helped me find my passion for IT – understanding the back and front ends so to speak – hardware and applications. I really discovered how these systems impact us all in our daily lives and it was exciting to be part of this major industry. From my research I discovered that NZSE College was a Category One provider that really focuses on student success and after study career support. Their friendly team helped my build up my CV so that it was in-line with what prospective employers were looking for and how to tackle job interviews and reveal what I’d learned. I also gained skills in effective communication, problem solving through the InZone Project and trouble shooting.
What is your current role?
I'm currently working for Fujitsu New Zealand as Service Desk Analyst. My key responsibilities sees me troubleshooting IT related issues, incident detection and recording, installing and supporting user related applications, providing Level 1 IT support, ensuring all IT tools and applications are up and running and liaising with third parties to resolve issues.
What were some of the skills you learnt during your studies at NZSE College?
IT Project Management, Troubleshooting in CISCO Packet Tracer, Problem Solving, Cloud Migration (Azure and Google GCP), Task prioritising using Trello, Server Virtualization.
Were these skills helpful in gaining you your current role?
Yes, effective communication learned from frequent presentations during the course in NZSE helped me in demonstrating my knowledge in the interview. Furthermore, problem solving skills learned throughout the InZone Project and other projects as well as from my tutors - Feroze helped me to develop efficient trouble shooting skills.
Did the Career Services at NZSE College help you in gaining your current role?
Yes, David Sharples from NZSE Career Services is a really helpful resource and helped me to nail down my resume and also provided guidelines to prepare for interviews.
Did you receive any other support from staff or tutors during your studies?
The tutors were amazing and helped me broaden my knowledge greatly in IT Networking, Troubleshooting and Security) which not only included course related syllabus but also about the other certifications and exams related. Anjal, another Tutor taught me the top to bottom of IT project Management - how to manage a project, different PM methodologies, Task prioritization in Trello and how to have efficient team work. Vaibhav taught me to how to have efficient self-learning especially in Cloud Computing.
What would be your top tips to others who are about to graduate from NZSE College and will be looking for work?
Have a clear path and keep searching for jobs - Never lose hope. Narrow down the roles you want to pursue and be specific in choosing your professional career. I applied for several jobs and got many rejections. Most of these got me to the interview round and was then I would be rejected due to the lack of experience. So never give up and keep applying. Also opportunities knock at us only once, so grab the opportunities and demonstrate your best. Even if many people try to put you down, ignore those and be always optimistic. “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”
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